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Edward10/1/2001 3:16:30 PM
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Hi Krystle!
Thanks for hooking up with the rest of us. I hope
you enjoy it here!
I think your next Riverfilm should be RUNNING ON
EMPTY. Most people seem to think that it goes with
IDAHO and STAND BY ME as one of River's three best. He
was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his
I'm sure you'll hear from other Riverfriends
about this too. Thanks again for joining us.

BRAD, thanks for asking a new friend to join.


--- krystle mueller <det_riggs_lethalweapon@y...>
> Hello everyone on this list!
> Just wanted to drop a line, since my friend Brad
> wanted me to join so we could talk more! October
> 31st
> is coming up, and before then I have to pick out a
> River movie to buy since me and my best friend are
> having a get-together, any suggestions on what movie
> I
> should buy, I have plenty of money, and I already
> have: "I love you to death", "My Own Private Idaho",
> "DogFight", "Stand By Me", "The Thing Called Love",
> and "Indiana Jones And the Last Crusade"...
> any help is very appreciated! Believe me! I hope
> this
> is the right addy, if not I'll be mad
> Hello Brad, what's going on!!!!???
> What's everyone else doing on Halloween??
> Rigggggggggggsy/Krystle
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