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Why this Hate against Wil Wheaton? I don't understand the general public really.
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~Richard12/1/2001 6:33:18 AM
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~RichardSubjectWhy this Hate against Wil Wheaton? I don't understand the general public really.
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Okay. Here's what I don't really understand Brad, Kit, Edward, and

Everybody hated the Wesley character Wil Wheaton portrayed, sometimes
along with McFadden's Dr. Crusher. So, what do they have against him?
It's a Star Trek series with that has no Oscar material acting. Hell,
even Deeanna Troi didn't call for emotion scene #1 to actually sprain
a tear or cry for help. I actually like the Star Trek: TNG no matter
what the plot is about. So, Wil Wheaton saves the Enterprise every
two weeks? It really doesn't matter and fills me with joy to play a
character like Wesley. Of course, simple teen crush has caused me to
rent the early Star Trek series of Wesley Crusher era(late 80s-90s).
I know no one will be interested in this post once I finish speaking
of what I have to say.

Of course, the general public will call Wil Wheaton an asshole for
saying humoruous things to Anne Robinson, who stares always blankly
at her contestants. I never liked Anne Robinson since she gives you
that meaningless stare that I know you want to smack. I mean, what
she did to that gay guy was totally unacceptable, treating him like a
lower sub-human. I would never allow her to treat me with such
disrespect on her superiority of being holier-than-thou. For goodness
sakes, Wil is an actor saying those humorous lines to Anne and Anne
doesn't see that it was all an act?
And she has actors we all know dealing with Anne Robinson herself on
the Weakest Link? God, I never liked that show...

Plus, that was just an act Wil Wheaton pulled up on Anne. I mean,
actors are actors, right?

Except River Phoenix and imagine him on the Weakest Link..

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