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Re: [acrosstheway] Why this Hate against Wil Wheaton? I don't
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Edward12/1/2001 7:29:27 AM
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EdwardSubjectRe: [acrosstheway] Why this Hate against Wil Wheaton? I don't
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--- bigrobert831@c... wrote:
>Okay. Here's what I don't really understand Brad, Kit, Edward, and
>Everybody hated the Wesley character Wil Wheaton portrayed,
. So, what do they have against him?
>So, Wil Wheaton saves the Enterprise every
>two weeks? It really doesn't matter.

Just IMHO, RICHARD, the Star Trek series are written for adults and most adults just don't like a steady diet of seeing kids who are smarter than they are or can do "adult things" like save the Enterprise better than the adults can. There were also NOT a lot of mother/son scripts to assure the insecure adults that wesley was, after all, "just a kid."
There were two kids on Deep Space Nine, but they worked well, because they had strong, overt relationships with their parents and scripts featuring them showed them LEARNING how to do whatever they were doing instead of being whiz kids with superhero skills.
It will be very interesting to see how Wesley is handled in the new picture.

Richard said:
I know no one will be interested in this post once I finish speaking
of what I have to say.

Hey, hey, RICHARD! Doesn't sound like you need Anne Robinson to put you down. You are doing a pretty good job all by yourself! LOL
Now ease up on yourself.

NO, I don't like Anne Robinson, either. I take it as an act of faith that there is a human in there somewhere, though I haven't seen her yet. STill I've only seen the show 2 or 3 times so maybe there's more that I am missing. She is fascinating but still, she and the show are so godawful that I won't make myself watch it again. The whole premise is dehumanizing.
You might ask yourself what is going on in our national psyche that gives such popularity to something dehumanizing. Then go out and do just the opposite. Do it daily, in fact, minute by minute.
You might be interested in knowing that Robinson has just published her autobiography, CONFESSIONS OF AN UNFIT MOTHER.

Take care of yourself,


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