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Lots of short notes to catch up with what peeps in here said. If you
are short on time just look for your name in caps, ok? You might be
in here more than once, ok? Let's just do it:
ALEX (6245) you help me laugh sometimes - I like it. Thanks!
GEORGE, thanks for the update and when you have time please look in #
6213 to see if that Anastasia's Asylum is the place where River ate
sometimes, ok? Cause I would like to know and I would like to know if
it would be okay to save the address in our address book on
acrosstheway too, ok? And what did he eat and did he like any bands
that played there?
KATS, didn't ask you first about putting your name in letters I write
about you as our list-owner. Never thought of that. Won't do it
again. Been writing to some of the people on other places I met who I
know like River Pheonix. All I been writing too are people who's
posting on that place I liked (like on that Tribute Board that went
under and a few friends I found in the clubs). I only ask them to
come here if they want because they do stuff and say stuff that
reminds me of the Riverfriends in here. So I think they could like
meeting all you and each other in here and I would like it if they
would talk more anywheres they wanna post. But last two weeks when I
heard there might be problems on Yahoo clubs I started writing to
maybe a total of 10 people? Pretty many I liked, have not seen post
for a long long time and told them about acrosstheway. Here's the
reason I did it just so you know. I wanted them to add, not replace,
their clubs. Just wanted them to come in a place where they might
like to talk and get talked to like in here. Hope they still talk
sometimes in their other clubs. Now the reason for saying about
you. I think most people who find the clubs on here think the list-
owners and stuff are paid Yahoo employees. Just by the way they talk
to them and like order them around and stuff. So I wanted them to
know right off, you are a volunteer who does all this without getting
paid or anything. And not only that, if they pick the wrong email
preference they can get deleted and Yahoo won't even tell you about
it. But I will stop. BTW, are you gonna send that letter about
email settings and stuff you stored in the files room? That's a good
one, I won't even have to tell people about that any more. I just
put your name that way on a web site I think in somebody's
guestbook. Same thing, I was telling anybody who came here to talk
to be careful about their email preferences cause the could get
deleted and Yahoo would not even tell you or us about it. When I
find it I will ask the girl to take if off for me. OK?

Really KATS, have decided probably not to write to people I like
about acrosstheway or much of anything else anymore. It's causing
too many problems I didn't think of and it's really not worth all the
RICHARD I don't know what to do about emails. I have too many and
don't like private emails anyway. All that takes time away from my
interest in the group and learning about River Phoenix. But I would
answer yours, just might take me awhile. I've slashed my IM's and my
IM buddies too. Not doing all that much anymore. Sometimes I just
want to be anonymous and come here and read about River Phoenix.
Really I guess I am just thinking out loud. But if you wanna write
and can be okay with my delays that would be ok. Put making a list
of actors on my list, but just can't do it right now, ok?
DEBBIE, sorry about the IM's, going to use it only to send off line
messages to kids I need to get a note to around here. I might go in
the chat room at "acrosstheway" sometimes if I am on vacation, but
really am going to stop all the stuff outside coming to this club and
one other one. Just don't want to spend as much time on my 'puter.
ok? sorry. Nothing personal here, just I don't have time for penpals
and such and really never did like that, and it's been keeping me up
way too late and stuff. But I like coming here for like 1/2 hour a
day or whatever.
BARRY, if Gus Van Sant was directing Good Will Hunting while
writing "Pink" then is Matt in the book really Matt Damon or is that
Ben Affleck? Or is one of them Jack in "Pink"? And is Blake
in "Pink" Kurt Cobain then? And KATY maybe you know? And KATY, BARRY
and all, thanks for telling me about Felix Arroyo (Happy little
Rivers or Pheonix River or whatever) I got that now. But I am going
to have to make a list of the characters before we start reading this
if I am going to be able to keep up with everyone. (Some of us are
buying Gus Van Sant's book "Pink" to read together soon, so if you
want, you could get one and read with us, ok? <that's to all the
Riverfriends). KATY the part about where Arroyo came from, like
goldmine is really kind of cool too. You think?
DARREN, you see what KATY put in msg # 6263? Here:
"Also bear in mind that an "arroyo" is a little river, that's
what "arroyo" means (or a small dried-up brook. And you know those
pretty little streams that weave their way down to the ocean on sandy
beaches? I believe those are often called arroyo's.. that's a nice
image isn't it? Kind of ties in with the "fall into the ocean"
It does fit kind of nice into the "Fall Into The Ocean" theme!
(Riverfriends who want to could look in the Bookmarks room to get the
link to go over to see DARREN's screenplay about River Pheonix). So I
was wondering about any connections between you and Van Sant then
KATY, thanks for doing the quotes for River on his IMDB page (link to
Internet Movie Database page on River Pheonix is in the bookmarks
room if you wanna go see). I'd rather see them twice than not at
all. Funny about them needing glasses. You are right. The house he
was born in is on some of our members River Pages and it's not a log
cabin either! But I think it's more than a sight problem. They must
be copying from that E! biography cause they got that same stupid
thing about working with Kline two years after the Oscars when Kline
won for Best Supporting. River was also a contender for that Oscar
cause of his nomination for Running on Empty. But the facts are on
the Net too. River went to work with Kline like 2 months, not 2 years

OK if I put this quote in the database room that you gave IMDB, KATY?
"It's something apart from the acting ability. Laurence Olivier never
had what River had." ('The Mosquito Coast' director Peter Weir, on
River's natural acting ability.) "

You know where it is from? I might wanna get more of it too, ok?
DEBBIE, (msg # 6267) try telling us which picture by row and column,
that magazine is in on page 152 &amp; 153 of Brian Robb's "River Pheonix:
A Short Life), ok? Maybe we can figure out which magazine it really
is and then find it for you if you want, ok?
Thanks everyone for help with the letters to Gus and Joaq. Haven't
pinned down where he's at and went all over today, don't even know
for sure if he's still making a movie here. Will find out by Tuesday.
KATY (msg # 6273) that connection between Arroyo, Tom Robbins book
about Cowgirls and that connection to GVS is really kewl. Now things
are making more sense to me.
RIGGSY, (msg # 6275) about getting club posts by emails and wondering
if they are bouncing back to Yahoo! and if they are gonna delete
you? Don't think they tell any of the Riverfriends, but found a way
I think you can check to see your own bounce history. First you have
to go to the acrosstheway site and sign in. Then from your
acrosstheway home page, look up "My Preferences" under the ad banner
near the top. Cick on it. In th new window in the right column
under "Email Addresses" are a list of those you registered with Yahoo
for this group. To the right of those you told Yahoo to use for your
email is a "Bounce History". Click on it. You want it to say "No
bounce history for (your email address)". If it says something else,
we can go from there to head off any problems, ok? Even with as long
as some of the posts with repies get in here, you should be alright
for a couple hundred emails in most addys. But if you gotta bounce
history then we oughtta look into it, ok?
EDWARD thanks for the ideas on msg # 6276 about how to put the
letters in the envelopes for GVS and Joaq. Might wind up having to
use snail mail.
MIKEY! Thanks for putting that whole "Just Seventeen" magazine story
about River in message # 6277. MIKEY changing topic now. First are
you ok? You break your arm on the train? Next, my older brother was
talking to a writer in Canada. The guy is writing a piece about some
bands from your part of the world. He is looking for more contacts
to talk to about the bands there. My brother Lar asked me to ask you
if you would be willing to talk to the Canadian guy? And how you
wanna work it? If you want to I mean. I guess I could send both of
you a email introducing you if you want and then you could go from
there. You feel like it? No pressure, really, ok?
KATS, (for reference see your message # 6280) - just found that web
page where I put your name as our voluteer. Wrote the site owner to
delete that part from what I wrote in her guest book. Sent you a
copy of the letter I sent her. Took that part out of letters to Gus
Van Sant and all. Great River Picture, thanks for finding it for us

BARRY (msg # 6286), ok. Thanks! (about letter to Van Sant)
I heard Eddie Furlong got busted again too. Sometime if you wanna
know, remind me of the story about dealers target marketing kids in
the biz that my bra got from interviewing some drug dealers who said
they sold to River Pheonix. Pretty tough to get by it from what the
one of them said. To them it's just business. They get you on that
shit and they got what like a steady 50-60,000 dollar a year customer
for what, maybe 7 years if they play you right and sometimes even
like get you off drugs so you can start again too. Eddie almost looks
like the classic sort of way it's done if the guy in NYC wasn't
frontin my brother. Looks like they own Eddie.
EDWARD/MICHELLE ... Guess I'm on the same page as you about private
life of public people. Would like to know things about River besides
what songs and bands he listened to and why. Real foods he really
ate. Even if it crosses the line, I would really like to know more
examples of how he was brought up, like what did he get punished for,
what about all this stuff about kids and sex and Children of God.

I guess I always feel people have the right to draw the line where
they want in this country as far as their private lives. So I think I
can ask them pretty much whatever I want, they don't have to answer.
But doing something which is illegal, like bribing a guy at the
funeral home to get in to take an unauthorized picture, well thats
not just about like how I feel it's wrong. It's against the law.
They should be fined and put in jail along with the people who paid
for the picture. If you keep rewarding people like the Enquirer
(paper that published the break-in photo taken of River Pheonix dead
in his coffin), they are gonna keep doing it in more and more ways I
think. Let's see - how many laws did they break to take that dank

No one around River seemed to think highly enough of him to be
bothered enforcing the law. Ever, that I can tell.
RICHARD, I feel like an awful lot of people, not just in the media
must have some weird sex problems. Like EDWARD said in his post back
to you about the media's hang-ups on River's sexuality. In the US,
it just seems to me that an awful lot of people must be like crazed
or something with it. Even my brother tonight. He's on a date, YES!
Thank you God!, finally! But all my friends came over and I could
tell he is worried we are gonna do more than just have a sleep over.
Now that's not the way my brother usually thinks. He gets that idea
from seeing too many of those news magazine shows that say it's all
teenagers ever do. Really, it's a problem in the imagination of the
people that make all that up!
The whole thing about people's sex interest is I think like River
said, basically not worth comment and fur sure not something I should
be judging. Who needs that crap. A great man from another time said
he had a dream that one day his three kids would live in a world
where they would only be judged by like their character or something,
but what was inside them, not how they looked, what color they were.
I think if he were here today, he would put sex in that category
too. It's a nonissue people who feel bad about themselves use to
distract the rest of us from what is really important - IMHO
KATS/EDWARD: What you put about "channelling" in like msg. # 6299
really hit me as being close to ways that River Phoenix "got into"
his characters, EXCEPT he made them up, instead of opening himself to
them. But there are some things that struck me as real close in how
you talked about channelling.
DEBBIE (msg. # 6304) about Jim Carroll's Basketball Diaries and if
River would have been cast good in the role Leo got when River died.
I heard the story that Jim Carroll (the author of the book) wanted
River in the part of "Jim". You feel like tracking Carroll down and
asking him about it? Cause you are right. It's one thing for a baby-
faced Leo to play a 16 year old Jim when he was 20, but at 24, I
don't know what was going on with them wanting River. He looked his
age by the time he (River) was about 22 in my mind. But there's a
too many things in this to figure out without getting Carroll to just
tell us. Like notice the connections to Fine Line and Island
Pictures. River would have been ideal at 15 (A Night In The Life of
Jimmy Reardon was originally a Island Picture too). So what was
Carroll thinking. You got me DEBBIE, I'm speechless on this one. And
that's saying a lot! Hahahahhahahahaha!
ZAC (# 6305) don't ever go there again. what is it you don't
understand about doing scans Sidowski? Forget it, just stop posting
anything about me.
MIKE, thanks for tellin us about Mossytwine (msg # 6306) and comin by
to say hi. Miss you a lot when you get busy. You read Gus Van Sant's
book, PINK yet? You wanna read it with us?
Sorry to all the Riverfriends like MICHELLE, DANI, EDWARD, MIKE,
DEBBIE, KIT, and others who got hit so hard with Mr Harrisons
death. I can't really relate to him but I know he must be important
if youz care that much about him.
BARRY, LINDS, RICHARD (msg # 6326) about how much friendship was
between Wil Wheaton (Gordy in Stand By Me) and River Phoenix. What
Lindsay put in this message was exactly what I heard too. Never
understood about how Wil said they were good friends either. Really I
thought it was just sort of people who grew up, were friends as
kids, and went different ways, but always thought good about each
other. Didn't know there was any contact at all after all the
promotional stuff for Stand By Me was done.
MEL, # 6329, really the opposite is true, I feel like you been nice
to me by trying to post your story in both places - here cause people
here might really help, and in the River Pheonix Club to try to get
them started talking.

But with this last installment now, where are you going to take it,
you got me wondering? What's with Joaq's interest in Celeste? It has
me wondering if either he likes her a little too much or the baby.
This could be interesting.

MEL has been posting a fictional story with a character based on
River Pheonix in msg # 6151; 6183, 6330
RICHARD (msg # 6336) about people dissin Wil Wheaton. Just learning
about this from you RICHARD, did not know people did not like him or
his character as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek. Saw some of those old
ones too and I guess I got a trekkie part cause I liked them mostly.

Wish I'd seen that Weakest Link that night he (Wil Wheaton) was on.
Would have been funny to seem him teasing that little wooden
pinocchio biatch. Hahahhahahahah! She IS the weakest link, it's why
I use my remote to boot her off my TV. Hhahahahahahaha!
I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up and climbed over all these
kids sleepin over and wrote this. But what you don't know until now
is I still haven't posted what I wanted to say. And I don't get how
I spent almost an hour in here and didn't get to ask about it. But
I'm too tired now.
G'night again.
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