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Right DEBBIE, this one in the scan from Robbs book is called "Just=20
Seventeen". The one MIKEY wrote out for us is called "Seventeen=20
Magazine". The one MIKEY wrote out was dated for the month of August=20
in 1993. The one you want, "Just Seventeen" was about an interview=20
that was done in August or September 1993 I think. Easy to get mixed=20
up. Another wierd thing is that picture in the scan is from the same=20
shoot that was in Detour magazine that year. If you look on the home=20
page of the River Pheonix Pages (link is in bookmarks room) you will=20
see the cover picture from that magazine.


--- In acrosstheway@y..., Debbie <debsypang@y...> wrote:
> Brad,
> this is the Just seventeen mag. which I=B4m searching
> for. I=B4m quite sure that it=B4s not the same one as
> Mikey!
> Bye,
> Debbie
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