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Thanks, Brad. I was wondering if Star Trek X will be a success. I
guess everybody in some forums are pretty mad that Wil Wheaton is
casted in that movie. But I am sure that won't be a problem. I mean,
he's been with the Traveler, right?

Of the only episode in Star Trek: TNG that confused me and I didn't
quite get was the Dauphin episode where he falls in love with the
alien daughter, accompanied by her mother. Even though their
relationship didn't actually ring true, I love his body gestures and
how he responds to them in a effeminate way. Might as well been
talking to me, then. But he is married.....

Anyway, Edward. You are right. I was wrong. But I like DS9 and Star
Trek: TNG all, so there is no hatred among them.


P.S-Brad, how are you today. I missed you! Visit often, okay? Thanks.
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